Can You Get On First Page Of Google In 24 Hours?

Can You Get On First Page Of Google In 24 Hours

In the modern-day digital marketing world, people only trust the search result displayed by Google as it has got smart enough to crawl through every website, check the snipes, answer boxes, content, and links before ranking them according to their worth. After the recent Bert update of Google, ranking on the first page has become more important and more difficult as well. Relevancy has become the major factor to determine the quality of a website that will decide its position on the Google pages. So, it is a valid question when people think about whether they can get their website ranked on the first page or nor. If you are lucky enough to hire professional SEO service near me, you may stand a chance to make it up there.

Importance Of The First Page Of Google

The higher you rank on Google’s pages, the more clicks you get, and the more you stand a chance to convert more potential traffic into loyal customers. Significant differences in the conversion and clicking rate have been seen after comparison from the top to the bottom results of only the first page of google. A website that has a top-ranking can get 33% more clicks overnight, while the last result on the same page will get only 6% increase. Your business gets instant exposure and recognition as soon as you are at the top even for some time because Google has started to shift results if the website’s quality isn’t constant. A lot of marketing companies make your website rank once and then the result drops because of inconsistent linking and optimization.

How Can You Make It Up To Google’s First Page

There is still a chance that you can rank your website on the first page of Google within 24 hours by following the below-detailed tactics.

Snippets And Answer Boxes

Adding snippets and answer boxes are a great way to get your website in the limelight because it provides enough information and often answers the question that the user is searching for. When a user is getting clear signs that your website might have a detailed answer to their queries, they will click to open it for more information. Google will recognize the fact that your snippets carry more information about what popular searches are demanding and will rank your website on top for easy results for the searchers.

Website Description And Call To Action

Your website’s description should not only be engaging, but it should also target the problem rather than promoting your services. Marketing stunts of promoting your services and talking about what you do has no more value because people are looking for a solution rather than falling into the tactics of marketing campaigns. Use a call to action at the end of the website description right after targeting the problem and offering a solution. Make sure you use the right keywords in your website description so that Google will show your website as the top results for those keywords.

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How to Develop Marketing Strategies That Target Specific Customers?


One of the biggest challenges that he marketers have to face is the marketing of their products to the people who are likely later on to become their customers. In marketing industry all their work is depending upon the strategies which will able them to attract more customers and to be more dynamics 365 marketing it is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. As marketers we also make sure that we are selling our products to a variety of people at the best price possible.

Following are the steps that will best help you in identifying the market strategies, your customers and how you should deal with them.

Step 1: Acknowledge That You Have Some Specific Audience

While marketing it is important for us to target a specific audience to which we are selling the products that will enable us to make effective campaigns to attract more customers. While working in the marketing field it is important to find such people who will be able to talk directly with our customers for the promotion of our products. This may sound very obvious but most of the marketers consider that their product is appealing for everyone and their audience in everybody but that’s where they are wrong, not everyone needs that specific product according to your marketing strategy.

Step 2: Determine What Criteria You Intend To Use To Identify The Consumers You Most Wish To Reach

While marketing we have to look upon a number of factors in which the most important of all is the categorization of our customers. In the marketing world the customers can be sorted on different levels and in order to increase our sales our target should those people or our regular customers who are in dire need of our product or to those who are attracted by the marketing offers of our product and are very interested in buying.

This process can be initiated at first by recording all the necessary information about our customers so that we may able to sort them according to their needs which will also enable us to have a much better marketing strategy. With these people out of the mix you will be able to focus on those people who will be willing to do some kind of action when they come in contact with your salesperson.

Step 3: Identify What Your Customers And Prospects Want From You
One of the biggest challenges which the marketers face is that they are too close with the brand and when you have to sell that specific brand products you yourself have to look keenly and observe closely by willing to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, because there may be a possibility that people may not know about your brand qualities dues to les marketing so in order to promote your brand products you first have to experience it yourself by looking at all the advantages and weaknesses of that specific product and all the features which it has to offer for your new products, then you may be able to create a far more effective marketing strategy for your new brand product.